China’s influence only option to rein in North Korea’s nuclear threat

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Ahead of his ensuing meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on 6 th April,2017, President Donald Trump has spoken about his policy of opting for a unilateral military action to tackle North Korean nuclear threat if China fails to rein in its reclusive neighbour Pyongyang.

Trump issued an ultimatum to China saying ” Well if China is not going to solve North Korea we will .” indicating clearly that the option of pre-emptive military strike on North Korea is on the table.

Trump who is actually a business tycoon has first applied diplomatic tactics through United States’ top diplomat Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who toured East Asia involving Japan, South Korea and China for searching the apt ways and review options to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes .
Tillerson asked China to put more pressure on North Korea to return to talks so as to prevent any type of conflict breaking out.But Tillerson was highly critical of the past US governments diplomatic and other actions that have miserably failed to put an end to Pyongyang’s nuclear activities over the past 20 years.

As China wants to avoid trade war with the United States and President Trump with his business acumen will use trade as a lever to secure China’s cooperation to resolve North Korean threat . Trump in an interview with financial times even told that trade is the incentive to motivate China to cooperate on this crucial issue.

But Trump’s decision of going alone to deal with Nuclear North Korea will be a bad option since North Korea has been investing heavily for developing strategic nuclear weapons and assets to strike US with the cooperation of Soviet Union since 1950s.

But it seems almost impossible to persuade Pyongyang by threatening it militarily to abandon its Nuclear and missile programe .China is the main trading partner of DPRK and provides it with financial assistance, it would therefore be appropriate for US to pressurize Pyongyang economically through China to contain Kim Jong-un Korea’s.

The Trump-Jinping summit scheduled for April 6-7 at Mar- a-lago resort in Florida will be most critical as both the leaders will discuss North Korea, South China Sea and Trade matters .China has not so far pressurised North Korea to abandon nuclear programme and President Donald Trump can achieve this by arm twisting China with the threat of imposing sanctions on Chinese financial institutions and companies that assist North Korea.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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