China set to capture World power status

The much talked about China Pakistan economic corridor finally gets operationalised with the arrival of the first large shipment of Chinese goods at the Gwadar port.

The Cosco Wellington, a ship with over 150 containers berthed at the deep-sea port in Balochistan province from where they are set to sail towards Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the UAE and the European Union. The cargo’s departed from Kashgar, China entered Pakistan and reached Gwadar on November 12 from where Chinese vessels took the shipment to Middle East and African countries.

The Gwadar port is destined to become a major trade hub that will enable further shipments of the goods to international destinations of Central Asia, Mid-East which are well connected with European markets. IT will thus encompass the routes to major world economies.

When India stands divided due to communal politics by Narendra Modi government and simultaneously US is struggling to cope with new policies of the President elect Donald Trump there is a clear advantage to the Chinese leadership that had challenged the supremacy of the World power economy. China’s Communist party has thus elevated President Xi Jinping as the “core” leader, putting him on par with previous strongmen Mao Zedong, visualizing the big opportunities that present themselves to China as a world power.

These key developments has brought the China at the top of the world stage that also carry warning signals to India to put its own divided society in order and immediately solve the Kashmiris problem by giving up military and tough approaches. India needs a statesman like leader at this crucial juncture.

How come $46 billion economic project has successfully integrated a communist country of China and Pakistan (though being in the Islamic world) while India which always displayed unity in diversity has been pushed to an edge.

The irony of the situation is that Pakistan will be flushed with funds both from US and China while Indian professionals are facing deportations from America and tough times in Australia and Canada.

arti bali
By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist
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