China Releases Video Of First-Ever Ballistic Missile


China has released footage of its first interception test of a mid-air ballistic missile, destroying a target miles above Earth .

Video shows the land-based rocket blast off into the sky in a blinding white light, before hurtling towards what looks like a small white dot above the planet’s atmosphere.

Upon impact, the missile explodes into a huge fireball .

“The ballistic missile defence system is a critical link in our strategic defence, and is also an important chip in the contest between big powers. It makes a world of difference whether you have it or not,” PLA researcher Chen Deming said.

The system itself is one of the keys of China’s domestic defence capabilities, Mr Deming was quoted as saying by China Radio International (CRI).

The anti-missile system has undergone more successful tests since 2010, including another test in January 2013, said website which published the photo of the test.

China’s decision to finally release the footage could be seen as a warning shot to the US, which was critical of China for not notifying the Pentagon of the tests at the time.

Wefornews Bureau

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