China provokes again,opens South China Sea website

A provocative move by China  as it opened a website on the South China Sea, complete with historical maps, articles and research, according to the State Oceanic Administration (SOA).

Run by the National Marine Data & Information Service, the Chinese language site has 10 sections that cover basic information, news, historical archives, development and management, expert opinion, law and regulations, a timeline of major events, pictures and videos and Q&A.

“The South China Sea has drawn huge attention, but some information online is not accurate,” Xinhua news agency quoted Zhang Haiwen, SOA official in charge of international cooperation, as saying.

“We hope that this website will enable domestic and overseas people to better understand it and learn about the truth behind the ‘dispute’ over it.”

The website has now six domain names, including and, due to “information unification and security concerns”. according to the SOA.

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