China plans to stay longer on moon


Beijing, May 11: China is planning for longer stays on the surface after its first lunar explorers stay.

As per Xinhua report, scientists are trying to understand what will be required for humans to remain on the moon in the long terms for which eight Chinese volunteers will live in “Yuegong-1,” a simulated space “cabin” in Beijing for the next year, increasing China’s knowledge and technical know-how.

The volunteers, all civilians and elite postgraduate students are divided into two groups.

The two men and two women will stay in the cabin for 60 days. Then the next to be two men and two women are replaced by the second group also stay there for 200 days.

After that, the first group will return for the remaining 105 days.

The experiment, code-named “Yuegong-365,” is Beijing’s second attempt to see how the Bioregenerative Life Support System (BLSS) works in a moon-like environment.

The BLSS is a system where animals, plants and microorganisms co-exist. Water and food can be recycled in the system, creating an earth-like environment.

A successful 105-day trial was conducted in 2014.

Wefornews Bureau

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