China-Pak economic corridor may strengthen Indo-China relations


Pakistani lawmakers have expressed concern that Beijing could eventually use the $46 billion as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (the 2442km widespread corridor from the Chinese border to Pakistan’s Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea) to boost trade with India.

As per a report published in Dawn, few members of Pakistan National Assembly in meeting of senate standing committee on planning and development on Wednesday, said that the reason behind China’s investment in the CPEC project is to explore the new vistas of trade with various countries including India, states of Central Asia, Europe etc.

Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, the Committee chairman told the media sources that with enhanced connections of rails and roads with India, China just not could strengthen its trade policies with Central Asia states and European countries but would also expand its trade with India to strengthen its eight underdeveloped provinces.

Regardless of bitter relations of Indo-Pak, China would certainly planning for CPEC expansion and its trade with India because investment is closely related to interest rate. Mashhadi also suggested that China trade relations with India were far bigger than Pakistan, as China had inked $100 billion trade agreements with India last year.

On the other hand, An Economist said that Balochistan was one of Pakistan’s troubled regions and, therefore, a “surprising location for (CPEC) what officials hope will become one of the world’s great trade routes”.


Wefornews Bureau

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