China opposes India’s NSG bid in Vienna,Modi still hopeful for Seoul next plenary

By Arti Bali,

India’s application in Vienna for inclusion in NSG was rejected by China but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hopeful as Nuclear suppliers group is expected to take up India’s application for membership at its plenary meeting in South Korean capital Seoul on June 24.

Inspite of US backing  and  most member countries ,China which opposed India’s entry arguing that the NSG should not relax specific criteria for new applicants. The 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group controls access to sensitive nuclear technology.

New Delhi believes China will  amend its decision of blocking India’s entry into elite nuclear club.

Because a number of countries, which were initially opposed to India’s bid on the ground that it was yet to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), eased their positions and were ready to work out a compromise. But China remains adamant  as it was Pakistan should also get it.

Besides China, the member countries in the 48-nation group which were opposed to India’s membership were New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa and Austria.

The concerns raised by the member countries will be discussed at length at NSG pleanary scheduled to be held in Seoul on June 24  so as to get the consensus of all 48 countries on board.

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