China join hands with Pakistan to block India’s entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group

China and Pakistan are closely coordinating moves to block India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).Beijing argues Pakistan’s Non Starter position with the NSG to block India’s application in the name of parity, stating that it would either support NSG entry for both India and Pakistan, or none of them.

This was revealed by US that  China-Pakistan planned a  grand strategy to stall India’s admission into the NSG.

Moreover they pointed out  the fact that when India sought an information session with the NSG Participating Governments (PGs) at the recent NSG Consultative Group meeting on April 25 and 26, for a  formal presentation to the NSG Group in support of its membership, Pakistan requested for a similar discussion slot with the NSG PGs.

Pakistan is now going to write to all the NSG PGs about its wish to join the NSG. The Pakistani application, added sources, is “just a decoy” for China to reject both applications on grounds of parity.

China is aware of the fact that  Pakistan does not stand a chance at the NSG, and most of the NSG states will reject Islamabad’s application and by rejecting both India  and Pakistan , China would like to project its “ neutral”

The Chinese government told President Hussain in 2015  that “if India is allowed to join the NSG and Pakistan is deprived of NSG membership, Beijing will veto the move and block the Indian entry”.

Pakistan has a history of “selling nuclear technology to rogue states such as Libyaby the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, Dr AQ Khan.

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