China Airlines workers on indefinite strike in Taiwan

Flight attendants for Taiwan’s China Airlines on Friday started an indefinite strike that has led to the cancellation of 67 flights, a move taken by the union in protest of the relocation of their workplace.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who began her tour of US, Panama and Paraguay on a China Airlines plane, said she regretted leaving the country during such a situation and urged the company and employees to find a sincere solution to the conflict, EFE news reported.

So far China Airlines has only cancelled flights leaving from Taoyuan and Songshan airports that connect to Taipei while flights from other cities are operating normally.

More than 2,600 workers belonging to the Flight Attendants Union decided to go on strike after their workplace was transferred from Songshan Airport located in Taipei to Taoyuan, about 50 km outside the city.

China Airlines new president Ho Nuan-Hsuan, who begins his tenure on Friday, said the company is looking for a quick resolution to the conflict and is willing to talk with employees.

This is the first such strike in Taiwan, where unions are typically weak and rarely hold labour protests.


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