Children’s Day: TV celebs cherish childhood memories

tv celebs childrens day

Mumbai, Nov 14: Children’s Day is celebrated across India on November 14, the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly called Chacha Nehru. 

As we celebrate Children’s Day today, our TV celebrities like Saumya Tandon, Neha Saxena and Aly Goni have recalled their favourite childhood memories.

Here’s what the celebrities said:

Saumya Tandon: I was a very sensitive child, who used to ask questions on everything and watch things very closely. I hardly remember playing with dolls during my childhood days.

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When I was six years old, our servant used to stay in our outhouse with his wife, kid and a goat. I was very attached to them as I was born during their presence. Also in my neighbourhood, a family used to live. The eldest son was a pilot and was very fond of me.

Neha Saxena: I have two memories of my childhood — I was always pampered by my elder sisters.

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We studied in the same school so, during lunch breaks I would meet them and they would buy me ice-cream and chocolates. Another memory which I cherish is with my mother. She is a single parent and she raised all of us. As a kid, once I demanded to go to Goa to meet my aunt and wanted my mom to fulfil that demand just for me.

Nitin Goswami: I was a prankster in school.

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I was an active sports boy as well. I used to play cricket, football and win matches. I was encouraged to play sports by my family and teachers. Those memories are still fresh and I miss them.

Priyank Purohit: I loved playing pranks and teasing people.

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But I had elder sisters who made sure that I was a disciplined child. They not only rolled their eyes at me, but I also used to get occasional whipping from them for the mischief I did. But now I realise that all that has helped me to be more disciplined. I am still scared of my sisters.

Simran Kaur: When I was 12 years old, I went for an audition and got selected as the voice of Nobita for the cartoon series ‘Daemon’.

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That was the turning point of my life and the next day when I went to school, I received an all-rounder award and an academic achievement award from my school principal. It came as a surprise to me. That was truly the golden period of my childhood. I miss it today.

Ankit Gera:

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As a child, I remember that I was never interested in going to school. So, my mom and dad used to drag me to school. But now that I have grown up, I think shooting schedule is similar to school as we have to wake up on time and you can’t really miss going to shoot. The feeling that parents used to take us out for picnic is the best feeling in the world. But now I am busy and I really miss all of it.

Yukti Kapur: As a child I used to wait for summer vacations because my cousins used to come to our home.

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I was very sporty and loved playing so, every day I would leave the house at 4 p.m. and play till 8 p.m.

Farnaz Shetty: One of the fondest memories is my first pet dog whom I rescued from the road. I used to play with him, feed him and take care of him. And as a child, I remember rescuing a lot of animals.

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Helly Shah:

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Life is full of challenges. And I love to face them since my childhood. As a student, and even today, the excitement of participating in a competition and winning it is something else. Staying back at school after regular hours for practice sessions was also something I looked forward to as a kid.

Aly Goni:

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Right from my childhood, I enjoy working hard on the work that is assigned to me; it brings me great joy. In school days, every time I received my test paper after correction, I looked forward to the remarks. I love it when people appreciate my work.

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