Chikungunya toll in Delhi rises to 10

New Delhi,Sep 14 : Health complications triggered by chikungunya continued to claim lives, with an 80-year-old succumbing to it in a city hospital.

According to the hospital,in the past three weeks,it has witnessed deaths of five patients who had confirmed chikungunya.

As per the report from  Apollo, the latest victim was a patient named Mahendra Singh, who was suffering from chikungunya.
“The patient had multi-organ failure triggered by chikungunya and died on September 13 evening,” a senior official of the hospital said.

The hospital is managing patients with fever, including chikungunya and dengue, as per prescribed guidelines, a statement from the hospital said.
Delhi so far has witnessed the death of 10 patients, who were suffering from chikungunya along with other health ailments also.

Medical Science says that nobody categorically dies of chikungunya, but if the patient is suffering from some other health issue, it may get severe, leading to death.

Ganga Ram Hospital had witnessed a total of four deaths since September 13. Bara Hindu Rao Hospital recorded its first death from complications led by chikungunya on September 1.


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