Chidambaram’s raid: Modi government resorting on false propaganda to discredit pervious regimes


Having failed on all fronts i.e. China’s emerging as an economic super power due to One Belt One Road and India’s closest neighbour Nepal also joining Beijing’s initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have been reverted to diversionary tactics by allowing CBI to conduct raids on former union minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has also raided Chidambaram’s offices at  14 places  as a part of an inquiry into suspected criminal  misconduct related to approval of investment deals.The allegation is that Karti Chidambaram’s company facilitated clearances to INX Media in 2008 for kickbacks.

Actually Narendra Modi is treading on authoritarian system of governance by crushing the opposition forces by the investigative agencies or by digital media  and to make them financially weak . But the ruling party makes it a point to give a little breathing space to the opposition parties so that the government can give an impression to the people that democracy exists.

The ruling BJP party is continuous engaged in campaigning on digital like social networking sites on upholding government policies simultaneously keeps on spreading about malpractices in opposition parties  to show themselves in good light.

Modi is working on similar lines as his foreign policy is an all-round failure. Such a regime would keep the trappings of democracy, including seemingly free elections, while controlling the media and the scope of permissible debate. The use of digital technology like twitter by Modi is a type of a propaganda based on superficial arguments to discredit the previous governments on various pretexts.

Chidambaram, a top Congress leader, was Finance Minister in the Manmohan Singh government at the time and his role is also being examined.

The Congress has thus accused the government using its agencies for a witch-hunt against Chidambaram and his son as “This is an attempt to grab headlines  and create a perception Why no action for three years?” said Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan.

Modi has initiated a trend of questioning the intentions of previous ministers and regimes in their financial interests .As it is strange to conclude that India’s performance so far has been on personal vested interests of the ministers as alleged by this BJP government and it will lead to chaos.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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