Chidambaram slams Jaitley for his comments on Ramjas ruckus

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New Delhi, February 27: After Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said it was “alliance of subversion” that was responsible for violence on university campuses, former Finance Minster P Chidambaram had asked the union minister whether he was heading one in 1975 as a leader of student’s union.

Senior Congress leader Chidambaram tweeted, “When Mr Jaitley was President of DUSU in 1975, was he heading an ‘Alliance of Subversion’?”

The statement by the FM has been looked down by opposition parties as a sheer cover being provided to ABVP by the ruling Bharatiya Janta party. Jaitley had yesterday put the blame for spat in campus (referring to JNU and DU) on “alliance of subversion” and those speaking language of ultra-Left and separatists.

On Wednesday massive clashes occurred between Left-affiliated AISA and the RSS-backed ABVP in Delhi University’s Ramjas College of North Campus. The spat was initiated by ABVP protesting Ramjas College’s invitation for a seminar to Jawaharlal Nehru University student Umar Khalid, who had been accused of sedition.

“Any idea which thinks in terms of disintegration of (the) country is something I abhor. Within the framework of upholding the sovereignty of (the) country, we can ideologically differ but free speech does not permit you to assault the sovereignty of the country,” Jaitley said at the London School of Economics on Saturday.

He further said, “If you believe, you have free speech to assault the sovereignty of the country, then be ready to concede free speech to counter that.”

“I find this absolutely strange that an argument is being raised that I have free speech to advocate that India should be broken into pieces and those who oppose me are hindering that right to free speech. Well, they too have a right to free speech,” he said.

CPI-M Chief Sitaram Yechury too criticised the statement by Jaitley and tweeted: BJP is for free speech, only of those who only talk of shamshan-kabristan, hum paanch humare pachees and Kasab.

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