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Chidambaram punches holes in HC order, court clarifies



P Chidambaram

New Delhi, Nov 18 : While the Delhi High Court on Monday clarified that there was no ‘cut, copy, paste’ job in P. Chidambaram’s bail order, in a bail plea moved before the Supreme Court later the former Finance Minister cited it as ground.

Challenging the Delhi HC order, Chidambaram told the top court, “The patent non-application of mind in the Impugned Order (Delhi HC) is a distinct and separate ground for reversal of the impugned order and grant of bail”.

“This is reflected in clear insertion of facts relating to a distinct and different case of one Rohit Tandon into the factual context of the case of the petitioner (Chidambaram) i.e., mixing up the facts of the case,” Chidambaram stated.

Taking suo motu cognisance of reports published in a few major English dailes, the Delhi HC stated: “There is no cut and paste as alleged and I hereby make it clear that observations made in paragraph No. 35 shall be read as and are confined to the case of a Rohit Tandon vs Enforcement Directorate.”

The HC has directed Chief Editors of these newspapers, which published the wrong averment, to clarify the same in their respective newspapers on November 19.

In his bail plea in the apex court, Chidambaram said the order passed by the Delhi HC was erroneous, unsustainable and liable to be set aside.

Chidambaram, 74, has admittedly been incarcerated as on 18.11.2019 for a continuous period of approximately 89 days. The three factors — flight risk, tampering with evidence and influencing witnesses — were held in his favour by the high court, he stated.

He also sought bail on parity as one of the co-accused arrested in the case has been granted bail.

Earlier in the day, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) too approached the Delhi HC seeking correction of the factual errors that inadvertently and due to accidental slip had crept in paragraphs 35, 36, 39 and 40 of the order.

“It appears the factual assertions, which have been attributed to the respondent ED as part of its submissions, forms part of one of the judgments that was relied by it during the course of arguments,” the probe agency stated.

“Inadvertently, it appears the said factual portion of the judgment relied by the ED instead of being quoted or summarised as the part of the relied upon judgments, have been inadvertently/accidently referred to in the order dated November 15 as the factual submissions made by the ED,” the application said.


Shaheen Bagh pistol man a AAP worker, alleges Congress

Depositing a weapon during elections is mandatory. The non-deposit also raises question on the efficacy of the local police.




Shaheen Bagh Protests

New Delhi, Jan 28: The Congress has alleged that the man who brandished pistol at the Shaheen Bagh protest site on Tuesday is a Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) worker and he did it on behest of his party.

When IANS traced the man in the video, named Haji Lukman, a resident of Shaheen Bagh, he said he had gone there with some other residents of the area and asked the protestors to leave one side of road for convenience of people. When they didn’t respond, I took out my licensed pistol in agitation, he added.

On why he carried his pistol, the Haji said, “It’s my fault. I forgot to deposit it with the authorities as per the election norm.”

Depositing a weapon during elections is mandatory. The non-deposit also raises question on the efficacy of the local police.

While Lukman said he was not a AAP worker, Okhla Congress head Parvez Alam Khan said the Haji was the right hand man of local MLA Amanatullah. The police should take action against him for trying to create disturbance during a peaceful protest, Khan added.

It was chaos at the Shaheen Bagh protest site earlier during the day when protesters overpowered a man with the firearm. It’s seen in the video of the incident that went viral on social media.

The man initially kept the pistol hidden as he shouted at protestors to leave the site. But as the protestors started pushing him out of the site, he pulled his shirt up and flashed the firearm.

For a brief the protestors were terror-struck, but they soon recovered their senses and overpowered the man and made him to leave the venue, instead of handing him to the police. They have also not filed any complaints against him.

Protestors stood strong and continued their sit-in on Monday night and Tuesday morning despite rain. Shaheen Bagh protest is continuing for over 40 days now.

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Citizenship Amendment Act harmful for the nation, says BJP’s Madhya Pradesh MLA Narayan Tripathi

Tripathi said that there is a need to talk about unemployment and not citizenship linked to religion.



JP legislator Narayan Tripathi

Bhopal, Jan 28: Madhya Pradesh BJP legislator Narayan Tripathi has again fallen out of step with his party, to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which “has vitiated the social atmosphere and led to a civil war-like situation in the country”.

At a time when the top BJP leaders in the state are holding rallies in support of the CAA, the MLA from Maihar has embarrassed the party by speaking out against the law.

“I am opposing the CAA on the call of my conscience. This is ending mutual trust and
brotherhood. People are looking at each other with suspicion. We will put our point on the party forum.

“This is my personal view. The CAA could be right for vote politics, but not for the
country,” he said.

Tripathi said that there is a need to talk about unemployment and not citizenship linked to religion.

“The country should not be divided in the name of religion. Either follow the Constitution or tear it off and throw it away. I come from the village and even today it is not easy to get the Aadhaar cards in the villages. Where will they get the rest of the papers from? I am speaking through my heart. If we wish to take the nation forward, the CAA should not be implemented.”

Tripathi has mostly been in the news for anti-party activities. In July 2019, he had voted against the BJP over a bill and admitted his support for Chief Minister Kamal Nath. He later returned to the party.

Now his tone has changed again and could cause trouble for the party. Tripathi, a Congress MLA before joining the BJP in 2014, is also named in the police charge sheet in the honey trap case.

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Sandeep Dikshit asks Kejriwal for CWG corruption proof




Sandeep Dixit

New Jan 28 : Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit has released another video and questioned the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on its allegation of corruption in the 2010 Commonwealth Games when Sheila Dikshit was the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Dikshit said few media houses and Arvind Kejriwal were hand in glove against the Congress government and levelled baseless allegations. No proof had been provided by the state and central governments and no case been registered against the former Chief Minister, he added.

During the Games, Kejriwal had alleged massive corruption and involvement of the former Chief Minister in it.

Dikshit said neither the CAG nor the CBI could found any evidence against her. However, the wild allegations dented her image, the CWG Games and also maligned the nation.

The Congress leader in a series of video named “Kaam Ki baat’ has been questioning the AAP government on various issues. The Congress that ruled the national capital for 15 years is fighting for survival.

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