Chidambaram calls BJP govt “the Best Event Manager”


New Delhi, Jan 11, 2017: Congress leader P Chidambaram calls the BJP government the “best event manager known to Indian history.”

“But, every event lasts for some time only,” he says.

He added that the people are more concerned about out jawans instead of the BJP government’s initiatives.

Speaking at the Jan Vedna Sammelan, Chidambaram stresses on an individual’s “choice” to use cash or card for transactions and that the PM Modi has no right to pressure any society to go cashless.

While questioning the involvement of other party leaders and RBI officials in the demonetisation call, he says that the available records have no mention of any cabinet meeting regarding the same.

Where is it? There is no record of a cabinet meeting on 8 November. Ministers were kept prisoners till the PM announced the demonetisation decision.

Hitting out at Bhartiya Janata Party’s claims on India’s economic growth via GDP, Chidambaram says that apart from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, “no one in the world says the GDP will not be hit.”

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