Chidambaram asks PM Modi, why only poor, Muslims, Dalits & Christians are targeted by saffron brigade


New Delhi, April 15: Former finance minister P. Chidambaram on Friday cited atrocities to poor and minorities under the Modi regime and lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for running campaigns like beef ban and anti romeo squad to force Muslims, Dalits and Christians to to live in fear.

The congress leader also raised issue of rising crime against Dalits in the country and slammed PM Modi for dividing the country into Dalits and Non Dalits.

Chidambaram slammed the BJP government for working against its “Sabka Vikas”slogan and said till now the Prime Minister has not condemned a single word on incidents against Muslims and Dalits.

Chidambaram said as the Indian Penal Code (IPC) says not to harass cows, it also says to not harass people. Today people are being harassed in the name of beef, said the Congress leader.

He added, “The Congress government and its ministers have not threatened any one. But now those in the ruling government are threatening people. In this country Muslims, Dalits and Christians are living in fear.”

The Congress leader said that people from all section including Dalits, Muslims and some Hindus eat beef. He said, “Many crores are eating beef and are indulged in this. In the name of cow protection how much are being threatened. The BJP has to answer.”

Highlight the tragic suicide of Hyderabad University Ph.D scholar Rohith Vemula, he said it was about Dalit or non-Dalit.

“Vemula got scholarship for Doctorate in the Central University. In his suicide note he wrote that his birth is so worse and is an accident. Is this a free country? How can we call this as a free country?” he questioned.

Coming on to saffron party’s recent parody of anti-romeo squad, Chidambaram said it has distorted the freedom of speech and expression.

Is this a free country? If Prime Minister Narendra Modi has guts, let him ask couples who go in Mercedes Benz to cinema halls. The BJP is only for high class people,” he said.

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