Chidambaram and Narayan Murthy spar over Aadhaar

P Chidambaram and Narayan Murthy
P Chidambaram and Narayan Murthy

The two renowned personalities of Indian economy, P Chidambaram and Infosys co founder, Narayan Murthy indulged in heated conversation on Aadhaar Card on Friday(22nd Decmber) in Mumbai.

Criticising Modi Government’s harsh move of linking almost every important and private thing with Aadhaar, the Congress leader and former Finance minister P Chidambaram said,”government is completely deaf” to any reasoning against linking Aadhaar to everything under the sun.”

On the other hand Narayan Murthy focusing on the need of an individual indentification method said,”Like any other modern country, there is a need to establish individual identities in the form of a driving licence, at the same time ensuring that there is no violation of privacy with such an identification, Murthy said, speaking at IIT-Bombay’s annual Mood Indigo festival here this evening.”

Countering Murthy on the severe negative impact of linking with almost every thing
Chidambaram said,””If a young man and a young woman want to have a private holiday, they may not be married, what’s wrong with that? If a young man wants to buy condoms, why should he disclose his Aadhaar or identity?”

Answering Chidambaram Murty said,””I disagree with you … all of the things you talked about are available through Google today.”
Telling that he has not linked his Aadhar card with his bank account Chidambaram said”The question is: there are many agencies which say, ‘give me your Aadhaar. And even crematorium is asking for Aadhaar today!,” Chidambaram said, clarifying that he doesn’t oppose Aadhaar as a means to establish identities and help extend government subsidies.

Murthy said we should not “trash” Aadhaar and took jibes at Parliamentarians for not coming out with a privacy law that can help protect an individual’s data.
However both the panelist were not totally against or in support of Aadhaar Card. But want the government to ensure an effective implementation of Aadhar system.

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