Chennai techie dies, family critical after Stalker sets her on fire


Chennai, Nov 14: A shocking crime held in Adambakkam where an alleged stalker set the family of a woman on fire.

The jilted lover Aakash, who used to study with Indhuja, an engineering graduate, has been stalking her for over a month. When she didn’t respond, Aakash went to her house on Monday night and set her and her family on fire.

The woman succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday. The horrifying crime was committed at Adambakkam AGS Colony, in Saraswathi Nagar.

However, there are two versions of what happened at the time of the crime, the News Minute reported.

Around 8:45 pm on Monday night, Akash who lives in the neighbourhood, came outside Indhuja’s residence. As per the reports, Indhuja and her family were initially reluctant to open the door, but Aakash persisted, claiming he only wanted to speak to Indhuja for a few minutes.

Reportedly, when they opened the door, he took the can of petrol in his hand and poured it on Indhuja. Her mother Renuka and her sister Nivedha, who were nearby, also got doused in petrol. Scared, Indhuja then ran into her bedroom to escape from Aakash.

While according to other reports, he came in and there was an argument. An angry Aakash then went outside the house and found the can of petrol, and doused Indhuja with it.

In between the fight, a neighbour who heard the commotion came to intervene. Speaking to Puthiya Thalaimurai, he said, “He was pouring it on them, and by the time i took the can away from his hand and started asking what was happening, he lit the fire and ran away.”

“At that point, everyone started running as they caught fire. First, the boy ran away, then the mother who was on fire was running behind him, and I was behind them. I, too, got burned in the incident,” the neighbour says. “I wasn’t able to find out what happened to the two people who were inside,” he told Puthiya Thalaimurai.

Indhuja died of her injuries on Tuesday morning at the Kilpauk Medical College (KMC) hospital in the city. Her mother Renuka has 49% burns, and sister Nivedha has 23% burns. Both of them are critical, and getting treatment at KMC.

Akash, who fled away after the crime was nabbed on Tuesday morning.

An engineering graduate, Indhuja was reportedly working in a company for the last few months. However, she hasn’t been going to work in the last one month, allegedly because of Aakash’s stalking.

Indhuja’s uncle told media persons, “He’s been stalking her for a month. My brother went abroad for some work. Perhaps knowing this, this man came home last night. They didn’t open the door. But he said he just wants to talk to her. He then poured the petrol on the girl and the mother and burned them and ran away.”

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