Checkout Baba Sehgal’s new rap on “Demonetisation”

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Mumbai, Dec 17: As we all know that Baba Sehgal is always in limelight because of his unique songs regarding the trending issues, and this time he came with a new song with comforting message — ‘Dont worry uncle, sab theek ho jaega’ on the very hot topic running the country now a days named demonetisation.

He seems to be sympathising with the ATM machines as he serenades “Choti si machine hai, ATM; thodi moti, thodi lean hai ATM; baby life uski hard hai, ATM; debit aur credit card hai, ATM” (ATM is a small machine, it is a little lean and stout. It’s life is hard, it is debit and credit card).

Amid shots of the long queues in front of banks and ATMs in the video:

But particular attention needs to be drawn to his rapping – which may or may not make sense. Sample this:

“Aajkal yeh ATM is very yummy yummy; Asking for zyaada is my tummy tummy tummy; India is a nation, Dadar is a station; Modi ji ne kar diya demonetisation. Opposition boley naya law very funny; ATM mein boley toh no money money; Arey haddi aur pasli thoda weak ho jayega, Don’t worry uncle sab theek ho jayega”.
But, such songs are better heard and seen than simply written off.

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