Check weapons being imported to West Bengal from Jharkhand : Mamata instructs Police


Purulia, Nov 29 : During an administrative meetings in Purulia, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee  has given instructions to Police to be on alert  and check if there is an illegal weapon is being imported in the state  and to install CCTVs  in  Jhargram Purulia route which is connected with Bankura’s Jhilimili and  that is connected to Jharkhand.

Speaking about the security at administrative review meeting in Purulia ,Mamata Banerjee said, ” We know geography very well so you (police) have to know your nearby borders. Whenever I am cleaning my house, I also clean my corridor. Border is your corridor. So you’ve to install CCTVs and watch towers there.”

” Purulia is border area of Jharkhand. Do we keep a watch there? Is Naka checking done there? Do we check any gun being imported from other areas to here. Jhargram Purulia route is connected with Bankura’s Jhilimili & that is connected to Jharkhand,”Banerjee said.

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