‘Chautala should consider how BJP treated allies in Goa’

Vijai Sardesai
Goa Politician and former Minister Vijai Sardesai

Panaji, Oct 24 : The reputation of BJP leadership for breaking their promises made at the party’s highest decision-making level, should weigh on the mind of Dushyant Chautala, whose Jannanayak Janata Party is emerging as the kingmaker in Haryana, former Goa Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai said here on Thursday.

Still smarting from being dropped from the Goa cabinet in July this year, Sardesai, whose Goa Forward continues to be a part of the NDA alliance, on Thursday, said that the vote counting trends in Maharashtra and Haryana indicate that people cannot be fooled by speeches and slogans alone.

Commenting on the Assembly election results in Haryana, in which the BJP has fared below expectations, Sardesai said: “My advice to him (Chautala)… You have to observe the Goa situation and take an appropriate decision. Even at the highest level the BJP breaks its word. This is being discussed in the media”.

Ever since he was unceremoniously dropped from the state cabinet by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant following the death of his predecessor Manohar Parrikar, Sardesai has maintained that the top BJP leadership had assured him that the alliance would continue for five years.

Sardesai has also charged that none of the top BJP leaders, who gave him this assurance were willing to speak with him, when he along with two other ministers, were dropped from the cabinet in July.

Commenting on the below par performance of the BJP in the two politically significant states of Maharashtra and Haryana, Sardesai said that media management cannot help manage election results.

“You cannot fool people with speeches and slogans… It is being reflected in results. However you manage the media through exit polls, results cannot be managed,” Sardesai said.

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