Charlize Theron finds homeschooling her kids ‘incredibly stressful’

Charlize Theron

Los Angeles, July 5 : Actress Charlize Theron says her biggest challenge has been homeschooling her children.

The Oscar winner has joked about homeschooling her two daughters amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports

“I”d say the biggest challenge for me is just homeschooling,” Theron said.

“It was an incredibly stressful time for me, and I will make any action movie over and over and over again before I homeschool again,” she added.

She also spoke about the current Hollywood shutdown.

“It”s one of those jobs where it takes a village. You need a lot of people in order to do it, and I don”t know how we”re going to do that anytime soon in a safe manner,” said the actress.

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