Charlie Hebdo criticized for Italy earthquake cartoon


French magazine Charlie Hebdo was widely criticized on social media for a cartoon implying the victims of recent Italy earthquake as pasta dishes.

Charlie Hebdo is not new to controversies and recently, a cartoon implying the victims of recent Italy earthquake as Pasta dishes is seen as a very insensitive expression.

According to reports, the recent publication of Hebdo showcases a cartoon titled as “Earthquake, Italian-style” which compared the injured people, who last week was hit by 6.2 magnitude earthquake, with Italian recipes.

A man who is severely bleeding man is labelled “penne with tomato sauce”. A woman with burned face is “penne au gratin” and a bunch of injured are under a collapsed building with their legs coming out, is “lasagna”.

Sergio Pirozzi, the mayor of Italy’s Amatrice, slammed the cartoon and said that it an “unpleasant and embarrassing satire”.

Italian national news agency ANSA reported the words of Mayor: “I’m sure it doesn’t correspond to the real sentiment of the French people. Irony is always welcome, but you can’t satirize disasters and the dead.”

Charlie Hebdo was soon trending topic on twitter as many tweeple expressed their discomfort and views regarding the cartoon published which ridiculed the victims.

The quake killed more than 300 people and destroyed many villages.

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