Charaka Rishi discovered atoms, says HRD Minister Pokhriyal

Mumbai, Aug 11: Union Human Resource Development Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’issued a statement saying Charaka Rishi discovered atoms and molecules and claimed that the NASA has acknowledged that in future if speaking computers becomes a reality, it would be primarily due to the help of Sanskrit.

Western researchers attribute the first theory of atom to Greek philosopher Democritus.
He also said that ancient physician Sushruta was the world’s first surgeon.

” Who did research on atoms & molecules? The one who researched on atoms and molecules, discovered them, was Charak Rishi,” he said while addressing an event at the 57th convocation of IIT-Bombay as the chief guest.

Pokhriyal said: “NASA has confirmed that if walking computers were to become a reality, it will only be based on the foundation of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a scientific language, incomparable to any other. It is the only language where the words are written exactly the way they are spoken.”

Maintaining that the world of medicine is incomplete without ayurveda, the minister said, “World over, no hospital can be started without establishing an ‘AYUSH’ wing. This is because without ayurveda, medicine is incomplete,” the minister said.

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