“Chappal Chor Pakistan’ tag protest in US against mistreatment of Jadhav’s family

Washington, January 8: A group of Indian-Americans and Balochs staged a protest by the name ‘Chappal Chor Pakistan’ outside the Pakistan embassy here, over the misbehaviour meted out to former Indian Naval Officer Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother and wife during their brief visit to Islamabad. 

The agitated protestors also donated old shoes to the embassy saying that ‘protest is in solidarity with Jadhav’s family.’

One of the protestors said, “When they stole the chappal of a woman (Jadhav’s wife) who was in distress, I hope they can use these also.”

Meanwhile, another protestor stated that Pakistan’s narrow-mindedness has been exposed from the way it treated Jadhav’s family.

“Policy makers and people here need to understand that Pakistan as a whole is also being run by narrow-minded mentality,” he added.

Pakistan arranged a meeting between Jadhav and his family on December 25 following the request of the Indian government.

Jadhav’s wife was asked to remove her shoes and use another pair as she went in the Foreign Office to meet her husband.

Pakistan claimed that her shoes were confiscated on security grounds as there was “something” in it.

Jadhav is on a death row in Pakistan on the charges of terrorism and spying for India’s intelligence agency- Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

On May 18, last year the International Court of Justice stayed Jadhav’s  execution after India approached it against the death sentence.


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