Change of the Agenda at last hour is highly Unacceptable: Ambika Soni

ambika soni

ambika madhusudanNew Delhi,Oct 13 : Ambika Soni and MP Madhusudan Mistry in a press conference said that the last minute change of the agenda by army officials towards standing committee is highly unacceptable.

“The last minute change of agenda of the upcoming Standing Committee Meeting of the Defence on 14th October 2016 is highly unacceptable. We are deeply disappointed over the change of agenda” .

It was earlier discussed on the agenda  that the Army Officials would brief the surgical strikes and subsequently deliberate on the shortage of Arms and Ammunition for the Defence forces. However, this has been changed.

“We believe that the agenda must have been fixed after consultation with top officials of  the Defence ministry. We see no reason why this has been changed and that too at the last minute. This is not the first time that the agenda of such meetings is being changed. It has happened before also”, said Ambika Soni.

Madhusudan further said that the official’s  decision of not to brief surgical strike under the garb of secrecy shows ‘lack of confidence’ and that they should brief the standing committee members as briefed to the  Leaders of the opposition parties.

“It is also unfortunate that we come to know the shortage of arms and ammunition to the ‘Special Forces’, who carried out surgical strikes from newspaper columns, but the Army Officials are not ready to discuss or answer queries to be raised in the meeting of  the Standing Committee Member ” said Shri Madhusudan.

Despite repetitive reminder, the Defence committee never presented their policies and willingness to meet emergency situations if created by the neighbouring countries, she added. They have not come out with valid reasons for  a delay in acquisition of Defence equipment including arms and ammunition. The “Make in India” initiative also seems to be a complete failure in the Defence sector.

They have demanded that the original agenda of the forthcoming Committee meeting should be maintained and also defence officials should inform the Committee about the number of Surgical strikes carried out since 2004.

“It is high time, that the attitude of the Defence Officials towards the standing committee members undergoes a change for the better, the short  comings of the committee should be informed about the Defence forces combating the adversaries at our  borders ” said  Ambika Soni.


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