Chandrayaan-2 launch rescheduled for July 22: ISRO


Chennai, July 18 : The launch of Chandrayaan-2, which was called off due to a technical snag on July 15, has now been rescheduled for 2:43 pm on Monday, July 22, according to a tweet from the Indian Space Research Organisation.

India’s lunar mission — Chandrayaan-2 — was called off just 56.24 minutes before lift-off at 2.51 hr on Monday.

The space agency has rectified the fault in its ‘Bahubali’ rocket-Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III) whose Monday flight with Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was called off an hour before its lift off at 2.51 a.m.

The ISRO had constituted an expert committee to go into the root cause of the snag.

According to ISRO, the committee identified the root cause of the technical snag and all corrective actions are implemented. Thereafter, the system performance is normal. Sufficient pressure in the helium tanks in the rocket could be the reason for calling off the Moon landing mission one hour before the rocket’s take off.

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