Centre’s financial aid to Kerala inadequate: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi, Image : Congress Twitter

Kochi, Aug 29: Congress president Rahul Gandhi targetted the Narendra Modi government on Wednesday over the financial aid package given to flood-hit Kerala saying that the funds allocated to the southern state is not enough. 

Expressing displeasure, Gandhi who is on a two-day visit to Kerala told media, “the extent of support that the central government has given should be more. This is owed to the people of Kerala”.

He further said that it is the right of the state people. I am sad that centre has not given as much aid as they should.

So far, the BJP led government at the centre has allocated Rs 600 crore fund for Kerala.

The Southern State may reportedly take few months to get the complete financial aid package from the Centre as the process of assessing the extent of damage and financial aid release is time-consuming.

“There are two different visions of India, one is a centralized vision and other is a decentralized vision. One respects only one ideology, based out of Nagpur and other respects all different ideas, cultures, different people in this country. That fight is on”, the Congress leader added.

Speaking about his tour, Gandhi said he had visited a large number of camps yesterday and people are worried.

And in this regard, the Congress President also spoke to Kerela Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan too.

Gandhi stated “It is important that the government gives a sense to the people that it is going to help rebuild the houses. Compensation promised should be delivered quickly”.


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