Centre punishing AAP govt for supporting farmers’ agitation: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday alleged that the BJP-led Centre was trying topunish his government for supporting the farmers’ agitation
Arvind Kejriwal Delhi
Arvind Kejriwal Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday alleged that the BJP-led Centre was trying topunish his government for supporting the farmers’ agitation by making it powerless through a new law and went on to say that those not backing the stir were “traitors”.

Addressing a ‘Kisan mahapanchayat’ in Haryana’s Jind district, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener asserted that he is ready tomake any sacrificefor the sake of farmers who are agitating against the three central agri laws.

They have brought a Bill in Parliament to punish Kejriwal. We bore the brunt. They are punishing us for supporting farmers’ agitation, said Kejriwal, while lashing out at the Centre for the enactment of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill in March.

The chief minister said all powers will now be with the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

What kind of law is this, he asked, adding that his party despite winning 62 seats would have no power.

It is the responsibility of every Indian who loves his country to support the farmers, Kejriwal said, adding the BJP will have to bow before the agitating farmers.

Any person who is with this agitation is a patriot and the one who is against the farmers’ agitation is a traitor, he said.

He claimed that each member of the BJP had said in Parliament that Kejriwal waspunished for supporting farmers’ agitation. I want to tell them that our 300 farmers have laid down their lives. For the sake of this farmers’ agitation, even if Kejriwal loses his life, we are not scared of your punishment,he said.

“Whatever punishment the central government wants to give me, I do not care, he said.

The Delhi CM also condemned the alleged lathicharge on farmers at Rohtak on Saturday during a protest against Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

In a country where farmers are not respected, the nation cannot progress, he said.

Should governments support farmers or cane-charge them? We strongly condemn this incident, he said.

On farmers’ agitation, Kejriwal alleged that the Modi government had put immense pressure on his government for turning nine stadiums into prisons when farmers moved towards the Delhi borders last year.

Kejriwal said that he rejected the Centre’s request as farmers’ demands were justified and their agitation was non-violent.

Hee said that his government in the national capital carried out various development works, be it setting up schools and hospitals or supplying free water, in the last six years and alleged that the BJP was putting stumbling blocks to disrupt the works that were being done for the Delhi people.

He claimed the BJP, despite being the most powerful party in the country, has failed to deliver in the areas of education and health, while his government has made significant progress.

I want to tell the BJP that for building schools and colleges and serving people, there is no need for power. There is a need for intent. You have so many powers but your intention is wrong, he said.

“Kejriwal does not have power but our intent is clear,” he said.

You go anywhere in the country and ask people what the BJP has done, they will say it destroyed farmers, traders and youth. Tell me one work done by the BJP in the last five years despite having so much power, he said.

He said only two parties — the BJPand the Congress — have ruled the country for 75 years.

Today people will ask the BJP and the Congress if the condition of schools can be improved in Delhi in five years, then why did they not do so in 75 years. They will have to answer, he said.

Why are they after me? Because they want Kejriwal to be like them, he said.

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