Central health team to visit Gujarat Today

SNG001 Coronavirus Med
SNG001 Coronavirus Med

Gandhinagar: Amidst the rising number of coronavirus cases in Gujarat, a three-member team of health officials will be visiting Gujarat on Saturday, Gujarat Health Minister Nitin Patel said on Friday.

The team will be assisting and guiding state officials in effective curbing of the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

“As it has done in the past, to guide three to four states in the country, the central government will be sending a three-member senior medical officers team to Gujarat. The team will be led by Dr Sujit Singh, the Director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr Jai and Dr Rajiv. They will be arriving tonight at the Ahmedabad airport. Tomorrow, they will be holding meetings with our officials and they will also visit some places of the state, meet health officials, corporation officials and suggest them regarding the prevailing situation of Corona in the state,” said Nitin Patel, Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, who also holds the health portfolio.

The three-member team is a part of the central government’s decision to support Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Manipur to curb the coronavirus outbreak, especially where high number of cases are reported.

The central health officials will have discussions with the state officials and suggest them steps for effective strengthening of containment measures, testing facilities, infection control and also clinical management in the coronavirus crisis situation.

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