Celebrations : Modi Government Turns 2, but hassle for Delhites


Media busy in celebrating the ceremony of modi government, what about common mob ? No media is interested in covering the inconvenience held to Delhites due to traffic Jam.

They are only interested in chanting the names of our honourable “P.M” now what’s next ? Who will take care of  public inconvenience ? Aren’t they treating the public as a mocking element for their publicity stunts ?

Media are you awake or you will be busy in chanting the name of “NAMO”?  When will these Presstitutes awake and get ready for delivering true journalism.

Traffic Jam on the routes :-

Ashoka Road >> Akbar Road >> Shahjahan Road >> Pandara Road >> Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg >> Shershah Road >> Purana Quila Road >> Tilak Marg >> Copernicus Marg >> K.G Marg 

These roads are facing a huge traffic jam and their is lot of hassle to public as these roads being a part of central Delhi connecting all the corners of Delhi.

People travelling through these roads may divert their routes otherwise, you have to face a trouble.

Wefornews Bureau



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