‘Catastrophic failure’: MSF slams EU refugee policies as smuggling encouragement

Catastrophic failure

Medecins Sans Frontieres has harshly criticized the EU for its “catastrophic failure” to address the needs of refugees fleeing war-zones and building barriers that achieve nothing but force migrants to resort to dangerous smuggling routes in order to reach Europe.

Releasing the report titled “Obstacle Course to Europe” MSF lashed out against Europe’s move to introduce artificial barriers and walls that prevent refugees from finding a safe passage to the EU.


“While the official discourse in Europe has tended to present the continent as overwhelmed by an ever-growing wave of migrants and refugees, their number accounts for less than 0.02 percent of Europe’s total population,” the report reads.

In contrast to the EU’s economic wealth, the less well-off countries, such as Turkey, Pakistan and Lebanon, found fewer excuses to host one third of the world’s refugees. In Lebanon, for instance, refugees represent almost 30 percent of its 5.8 million population.


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