Caste census necessary in the country, says Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar
Bihar Chief Minster Nitish Kumar

Patna, Aug 25 : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday said that the caste census is necessary but the decision has to be taken by the Central government.

“The earlier caste-based census was conducted 90 years ago in 1931 during the British period and we have been following the same since then. This is not right. We should have to conduct a fresh caste census,” said Nitish Kumar, who returned in the afternoon after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with 10 leaders of different political parties, on Monday to the demand.

“The Prime Minister listened to each and every delegation member on Monday. All political parties have one view to conduct caste based census in the country. I am hopeful that the Prime Minister will consider our point of view,” he said.

The Bihar government had written to the Prime Minister on August 4, requesting him to give time so that an all-party delegation can meet him and put their point of view on this issue, a day after Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav suggested this course to Nitish Kumar.

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