Case registered against Azam Khan and his son Abdullah

Azam khan

Lucknow,Jan3 : A case has been registered against former UP Minister Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam Khan for allegedly possessing two birth certificates.

Case has also been registered against Azam Khan , and his wife, SP MP Tazeen Fatima.

The case was registered in the Ganj police station after a Bharatiya Janata Party leader filed a complaint with the Home Secretary in December.

Khan, who has been a senior cabinet minister in all previous SP governments, along with his wife and son have been charged with keeping two birth certificates, one from Lucknow and the other from Rampur.

The family has also been accused of keeping two passports. The complaint was filed by BJP leader Akaash Kumar Saxena, who had alleged deep-rooted conspiracy by the minister in getting the birth certificates to procure two passports.

He had also submitted details collected by him through RTI, after which principal secretary (Home) Arvind Kumar forwarded the SP Rampur to investigate the matter.

According to the complaint, Azam Khan’s son Abdullah got a birth certificate issued by the Rampur municipal corporation on June 28, 2012, in which both his father and mother had submitted sworn affidavits.

His birth place in this birth certificate has been shown as Rampur while in the other birth certificate, issued by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation on January 21, 2015, his birthplace has been shown as Lucknow. Azam Khan was the urban development minister at the time of issuing both certificates.

The first passport was made from Bareilly in which the birth date has been written as January 1, 1993, which had a validity till 2022. Despite this, the former minister’s son got another passport made in 2018 with a different birth date.

On Triple Talaq bill,Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said that no matter how many laws they make to change the ‘Triple Talaq ‘ in the Lok Sabha, they will follow the values embedded in their religion i.e.Muslim religious text Quran only.

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