CAPSI seeks service tax exemption for private security services

modi in office

New Delhi, Aug 2 : The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking exemption of the sector from the payment of service tax.

In its letter, the industry body has sought a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the issue at length.

“It is strongly recommended that in order to create goodwill among the citizens post Covid, the private security services should be declared tax free as the majority of such are being availed by lakhs of RWAs and SMEs. Consumers of the private security services will be hugely benefited as such services will become more affordable,” the letter signed by CAPSI Chairman Kunwar Vikram Singh said.

Singh contended that the private security industry, which is to a large extent filling up the void existing in the internal security environment due to lack of government forces, is actually saving the government exchequer huge amounts.

“This reality needs to be accepted by the government and hence in return, the government should compensate the industry by exempting paying of service tax by the private security agencies,” he said in the letter.

Such a move will act as a source of encouragement to the private security agencies to be more vigilant and efficient in discharging their duties, Singh added.

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