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Can’t promote ‘Make in India’ abroad & peddle ‘Hate in India’ at home: Tharoor

Modi’s foreign policy is dogged by a growing perception that the “salesman is selling an empty package”.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has infused a lot of “personal energy” into his diplomacy, but it’s difficult to push the Make in India initiative abroad while promoting “Hate in India” at home, says former central minister Shashi Tharoor.

According to the seasoned diplomat, Modi’s foreign policy is dogged by a growing perception that the “salesman is selling an empty package”.

“He has brought a lot of personal energy to his diplomacy and there is no underestimating that. His travels have been tireless. He has been a salesman for his view of India and Indian development,” Tharoor told IANS in an interview during a visit here to promote his book “An Era of Darkness”.

“But there are two problems,” said the author-cum-Congress leader.

“The first is there is an increasing perception that this salesman is selling an empty package. The reality at home is not being given enough importance. For example, Indian investors are not investing enough in India. Our home-grown capitalists are taking their money abroad. At the same time, Mr. Modi is trying to sell the attractions of investing in India to foreigners. This is a genuine problem,” said the Lok Sabha member from Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram constituency.

“The second problem is that diplomacy has always got to be a means to an end. In our time we were clear that the purpose of our foreign policy is to promote a transformation and development of India and the Indian people.

“That is, we need good relations with countries from which investment comes, we need good relations with countries which are sources of our energy security like the Arab world, we need to be on good terms with countries which are important sources of food security, countries where Indians are working and, therefore, they need to feel secure in those foreign countries and so on.

“It cannot be an end in itself. It’s difficult to promote Make in India abroad if you’re promoting ‘Hate in India’ at home,” says the keen student of history, who was Minister of State for External Affairs between May 2009 and April 2010.

He said the main difference between the Congress and the BJP lay in their different views of nationalism — the former believing in an inclusive one which embraces all, irrespective of religion and language, and the latter promoting a narrow variety that is not shared universally.

“Unfortunately, what the ruling dispensation prefers is a narrow-minded nationalism which reduces India to a particular community, the Hindu community, and that too a particular view of Hinduism which may not be shared universally by everyone. For example, the Dalits may dissent from that narrative.

“To call the one nationalism and the other not is absurd. They are all different variants. One is inclusive and the other is narrow-minded nationalism and the (proponents of the) latter happen to be in power now. Some are feeling left out of this nationalism which I feel is a dangerous aspect.”

Having spent a considerable time at the United Nations, Tharoor, who ran for the post of Secretary General in 2006 along with eventual winner Ban Ki-moon, did not want to read too much into the emergence of right wing politics in many countries.

“For example in France, Marine La Pen has captured some 30 percent in the polls but 70 per cent are still opposed to her brand of politics and it’s unlikely that she will win the presidency.

“In Holland, Geert Wilders may have become a highly-visible figure, but he is not going to be capturing the majority. Brexit was an anti-immigrant vote, (Donald) Trump’s victory was partly fuelled by xenophobia. All these things are true but each country’s politics has its own domestic reasons,” Tharoor said.

The charismatic 60-year-old politician gave some hints about his next literary venture.

“This book (‘An Era of Darkness’) has just come out and is coming out in the UK onMarch 2. My publishers are very keen that I write something on the 70th anniversary of India’s independence about the national character and us as a people.”



Rahul condemns lynching of tribal man in Kerala



Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi, Congress President (File Photo)

New Delhi, Feb 24: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday condemned the lynching of a tribal man in Kerala and said people must guard against growing intolerance in society and speak out against such acts of mindless violence.

“I am deeply disturbed by the savage and cruel lynching of a tribal in Kerala yesterday (Thursday), captured on camera,” Gandhi wrote in Twitter.

“We must guard against growing intolerance in our society and speak out in one voice to condemn these acts of mindless violence,” he added.

The Kerala Police on Saturday said it has arrested nine more persons in connection with the murder of a 27-year-old “mentally unfit” tribal man, who was attacked in a forest near Palakkad by a lynch mob for alleged theft.

Madhu, who was attacked by the mob on Thursday evening, later succumbed to severe injuries to the head, ribs and chest.


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Hindu’s should produce more & more babies untill a new law comes into existence: BJP MLA



bjp mla Vikram Saini
BJP MLA, Vikram Saini

Uttar Pradesh MLA Vikram Saini in a population control campaign programme asked Hindus to produce more babies.

In a video tweeted by news agency ANI, the MLA is urging Hindus to produce more children as India is also their country like others who produce 11 or 12 babies.

He also said,” It was a slogan, ‘We two, Ours Two, but some of our brothers got stuck with producing only one baby whereas some are following, we two ours 25.”

“Until a law on population control comes into existence, my Hindu brothers, you should not stop. You should keep producing babies,” Saini added.

“When we had two children, my wife said we did not need a third one, but I said we should have four to five.”


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Rahul’s Jibe: Under Modi’s ‘Jan-Dhan Loot Yojana’, another scam of Rs 390 crore




New Delhi, Feb 24: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over an alleged Rs 390-crore banking fraud, involving a Delhi-based jeweller, saying like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi, this promoter has also disappeared while the government looked the other way.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said “Under Modiji’s ‘Jan-Dhan Loot Yojana’, another scam! 390 crore, involving a Delhi-based jeweller. Same Modus operandi as Nirav Modi. Fake LOUs”.

“Predictably, like Mallya and Nirav, this promoter too has disappeared while the Govt looked the other way,” he added with hashtag #ModiRobsIndia.

Three fresh cases of financial fraud have come to light after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed cases against diamantaire Nirav Modi and his business associate Mehul Choksi in connection with Rs 11,400 crore Punjab National Bank fraud.

On Thursday, the CBI registered a case against diamond jewellery exporting firm Dwarka Das Seth International for an alleged bank loan fraud to the tune of Rs 389.85 crore on the Oriental Bank of Commerce.

The CBI on Wednesday filed a case against businessman Amit Singla and others on a complaint of Bank of Maharashtra for securing a loan on false representation by forging documents and its criminal misappropriation and use

Meanwhile, on the same day the probe agency filed a case against Inder Chand Chundawat, then Senior Branch Manager in Punjab National Bank’s Barmer office, for abuse of official position.


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