Can’t express the pain as BJP leader tried to bribe JDS MLA to topple govt: Kumaraswamy


Karnataka, June 19: Extremely upset over the BJP’s continuous efforts to topple the Karnataka government by offering bribe of Rs 10 crore to one of his party MLAs, Chief Minister Hardanahalli Devegowda Kumaraswamy (HDK) expressed the grief and difficulty he is facing in running the state government, which is a coalition between his Janata Dal (Secular) and the Congress.

Revealing about the Modi led Bharatiya Janta party’s corrupt practices to seize power, Kumaraswamy said that one of his Members of Legislative Assembly got a call from the BJP and was offered Rs 10 crore to leave the JD(S) and defect to the BJP.

“One of our MLAs called me to say that he got a call from a BJP leader. He said that they offered him Rs 10 crores to leave the JD(S) and join the BJP. These attempts are being done by the BJP continuously. However, by God’s grace and your blessings, I assure you that this government is safe for the next 4 years,” he told the gathering.

To back his claim, the chief minister recalled that when he was on the way from Ramanagara to Bidadi, one of his MLAs called him at about 11 pm on Monday.

The MLA said that half-an-hour ago a BJP leader called him. The leader said the government’s fall was imminent by tomorrow evening.

Already nine MLAs from Congress and the JD(S) have signed. The leader told him that if he (MLA) agreed he would dispatch Rs 10 crore at his location,” the chief minister alleged.

Speaking at a public gathering, HDK said that he needs to resolve the pain of the people in his state and has a responsibility to run the government smoothly.

“I promise to fulfill all your expectations. I cannot express the pain I am going through everyday… Though I want to express it to you, I cannot… However, I need to solve the pain of the people in my state as I have a responsibility of running the government smoothly,” Kumaraswamy said.

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