Calling Donald Trump ‘messiah’,Hindu group celebrates birthday with cake in New Delhi

Hindu Sena  who  held hawan (a Hindu ritual) last Month for Trump’s win in the US presidential elections, on Tuesday celebrated  US presidential candidate Donald Trump birthday by cutting a 7 kg cake, followed by a brief musical performance in New Delhi.. The organisers said that Trump was their “hero” and they hoped he’d win the presidential elections so that he could end “Islamic terror”.

Donald  turned 70 on Sunday.”Donald Trump is our hero. We hope that he wins the presidential election in the US. The humanity is at risk and he is the only person who can end Islamic terror in the world,” said 31-year-old Vishnu Gupta, founder and president of Hindu Sena.

On being asked how Trump’s win would affect India, Gupta said that India was also the victim of “Islamic terror”.

“The US is very powerful country. Trump has promised that he would fight against Islamic terror of which India is also a victim. Therefore, Trump will definitely help our country and together we will fight it,” said Gupta as he distributed cake to the onlookers.

He further said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing good work for the country. However, I don’t see anything happening on the anti-terror front.”

The birthday celebrations were preceded by two minutes silence for the victims of indiscriminate shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

However, Gupta made it clear that his condolences were only for the sake of humanity not for their sexual preferences.

“Those who died in the shooting were humans first, they became homosexuals later. We are against homosexuality and there should be strict laws against it. No one should go against the nature,” he added.

He also said that his organisation would run an election campaign to support Trump.

“We are already running an online campaign on social media by the name ‘Hindus for Trump’. As the election progresses we will also campaign outside the US Embassy and colleges which have international students. We hope that our campaign will help in influencing Indian-origin voters in the US,” he added.

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