California has best to offer for Bollywood industry, says Colleen Bell

Colleen Bell

New Delhi, Jan 16: After a decade of a proactive mission of United States to promote tourism,a large team of representatives from US state of California landed in New Delhi for Sales Mission to India and this year the key focus is Bollywood entertainment industry.

California President & CEO Caroline Beteta led a delegation which includes Colleen Bell, the executive director of California Film Commission (CFC) who signed an MoU with the Film Producers Guild of India and discussed ways to increase participation of Bollywood in California Film Commission by offering a set of incentives from California Destinations.

Bell, who also produced the drama series “The Bold and The Beautiful,”said that entertainment has a strong capacity to maintain peace and prosperity around the world and production is looking for other ways to mutally benefit which could translate in reducing cost for logistics, produving the film.

Terming India as an incredible reognisance, Bell said,“Also Visit California is providing the first stop for helping producers find what they need, whether it is the contact information for film commissions or working through permitting issues.”

“So, if an Indian production company chooses to film in our state, we want it to be the best possible experience for them,” said Bell.
” I feel there’s a strong and sustainable connect regardless of political administrations or otherwise. As film commissioner, I would love to see how we expand on the bonds that already exist between both the countries and how we can look for mutually beneficial economic opportunities to enhance both our economies, moving forward,” Bell said.

Specifying opportunities, Bell highlighted opportunities that would be mutually beneficial for India and the state of California is what she is looking at.

“I think by cooperation and sharing information, sharing resources can make the difference,” she said.

Bell, who also served as US Ambassador to Hungary from 2014 – 2017 under the Barack Obama administration, said California Film Commission will offer than good locations for films, TV.

One can visit Warner Bros studios and California Film Commission can offer assistance to Bollywood depending upon the filming , get the filming permits, locations where the shooting can take place .

“India is the number one target and we want to capitalize by providing offers to any film producer who is interesting in shooting in our city,” Tom Kiely, CEO, West Hollywood Travel and Tourism Board said.

For a Bollywood film director to shoot a movie in Warner Bros studio is the offer that still needs time to materialise.

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