Calcutta HC revokes Mamata’s order, allows Durga idol immersion on all days

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New Delhi, Sep 21, 2017: In a big setback for the West Bengal government, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday revoked Mamata Banerjee’s order prohibiting Durga idol immersion during Muharram.

The court allowed immersion till midnight on all days and instructed the police to make separate routes for both Durga idol immersion and Muharram processions.

Earlier during the hearing, the Calcutta HC told the Mamata Banerjee government that it was “exercising extreme power without any basis” while hearing a petition challenging the order concerning idol immersion during Durga Puja and Taazia procession during Muharram.

The High Court said, “If you get a dream, that something will go wrong, you cannot impose restrictions.” The court further observed, “There is a difference between regulation and prohibition.”

Calcutta High Court told the state government that “you are exercising extreme power without any basis,” adding, “just because you are the state, can you pass arbitrary order?”

The Calcutta High Court had earlier compared the handling of festivals by Mumbai police while asking the Mamata Banerjee government as to why it could not do a similar arrangement.

Following the high court’s observation, Mamata Banerjee had then accused the BJP of trying to mislead people. She had stated that there was no ban on idol immersion during Durga Puja.

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