Cabinet Reshuffle similar to Playing Cards, Says Shiv Sena

uddhav thackeray

New Delhi, Sep 4: Highlighting the drawbacks of the Modi-led government, Shiv Sena on Monday launched another scathing attack on the Centre through its sensational mouthpiece, ‘Saamana’. 

Day after crucial Cabinet rejig, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi inducted several new faces from the BJP, the Shiv Sena expressed its displeasure in an editorial.

It said Cabinet reshuffle is similar to playing cards, one never knows when a joker will become the king.

Not only this, editorial also targeted Modi’s China visit and questioned why he was in haste to rejig Cabinet, it could also be done after his return.

“we don’t understand the connection between the PM’s China visit and Cabinet rejig. It was said that he will modify council of ministers before leaving for China. But why? Is it that China would get upset if Modi did not have the list of new Cabinet ministers in his pocket? Is it that it would then revive the Doklam issue? The PM could have done the reshuffling even after his Beijing visit”, editorial asserted.

Counting on government’s failure on wide ranges of issues including Demonetisation , Inflation and unemployment , floods, Child deaths and so on asked Which ministry has solved which problem really?”

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