CAA: Petrol-bombs were thrown in Seelampur, attacker held


New Delhi, Police have arrested a man who was allegedly involved in throwing petrol-bombs, made from indigenous formula, on the policemen during the violent protest in Seelampur on Tuesday, an official said on Saturday.

The petrol-bombs were made from an indigenous formula that does not require much or rare material to make and also can be moved from one place to another without putting own life at risk. Moreover, these bombs are often more effective and deadly.

A senior police official, requesting anonymity, told IANS: “Name of the accused is Rahis. He was arrested along with his partner Hasan. The accused was involved in openly hurling petrol-bombs at the policemen and a video he was seen running with something in his hand also went viral on social media”.

“During the violence in Seelampur-Jafrabad area on Tuesday, a video surfaced on social media, in which a man was seen running backwards on the spot after throwing a bomb. He had covered his identity by putting muffler around the neck and wearing glasses. Some other youths were also seen running along with him.

It is clearly visible in the viral video that along with the explosion, the hand of the suspect (who later turned out to be a petrol bomb thrower) has blasted from the wrist in the blast. Blood was dripping from his wounded hand, and carcasses of flesh were hanging,” a senior police official said.

A sub-inspector posted at the Seelampur police station and injured while taking the front from the miscreants on the spot told IANS over phone: “The viral video shows the bag hanging in his hand just before the bombings, and immediately after the explosion. The young man’s hand is bled, his name is Rahis. People of the area identified him through viral video. He is a resident of North-East district only”.

According to Delhi Police sources: “A search was launched to nab the accused. After two days, he was eventually arrested while undergoing treatment at a government hospital.

The Delhi Police is now preparing to pursue a criminal case against him under serious sections like sedition, obstructing the government work, inciting riots, trying to murder innocent people. However, his name will also be included in three separate FIRs filed in the violence on Tuesday.

On Saturday, a DCP-level officer told IANS: “Rahis has revealed many important information so far. He has also revealed the identity of man from whom he learnt making petrol bombs. However, we have not reached that person yet. Search continues. Rahis has also mentioned the names of some of his other associates, two of whom have been arrested by the police. Search is on for the remaining accused”.

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