‘By vandalising statues, you cannot destroy greatness’

New Delhi, Sep 14 : Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday criticised people involved in vandalising statues of Mahatma Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun district saying those involved in such acts cannot destroy the greatness of these people.

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalised by unidentified people at a college in Jalaun’s Gandhi Inter College on Friday morning.

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Priyanka took to Twitter to vent her anguish over the incident, and said, “Few days ago in Uttar Pradesh a statue of BR Ambedkar was vandalised by some anti-social elements. Now Gandhiji’s statues has been vandalised in Jalaun.”

“This is the achievement of the cowards in their life, who break the statues of great people by hiding in the darkness of the night and try to insult them. But you cannot move even a fraction of the greatness of these great men by attacking their statues,” she said in a series of tweets.

According to Congress leaders, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in the Gandhi Inter College by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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