Budhia born to run : movie review


August 3: Soumendra Padhi’s “Budhia Singh – Born to Run” is a real-life story of a five-year-old poor kid wants to run because it can fetch him new shoes, or a new cycle.

Budhia runs to win: movie review
Budhia Singh – Born To Run
Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Mayur Patole, Shruti Marathe
Director: Soumendra Padhi

An ambitious coach pushes the child to his limits because he is assured the boy is talented, and trained the boy to be a marathon runner. His love for Budhia makes him forget his own family and other kids at his training centre. Bhudhia succeeds against all odds but later his beloved coach was murdered.

A wonder-boy Budhia Singh of Odisha , took media, politics and the world by storm in 2005-06. On his trainer’s insistence, he ran countless marathons before setting out on a successful Puri to Bhubaneswar run trail of 70 km. Budhia was seen as a potential medal winner for India in 2016 Olympics. But he is still under a ban that prohibits him from long distance running.


Pushed by his coach Biranchi Das (Manoj Bajpayee)judo coach-cum-local political activist Biranchi Das) Singh becomes something of a show animal and less of a serious sportsperson, a tragedy the film captures honestly. Child actor Mayur Patole plays the role of the wunderkind, who has as much sass as he does stamina. When Das first comes across Singh, the boy has just slammed a glass bottle on the head of a man to whom he was sold by his poverty-stricken mother. Das, who runs a residential judo school, takes him home and feeds him, but the latter is hardly grateful.
one day, Das punishes the boy for misbehaving, orders him to run the courtyard till he is asked to stop. Five hours later, Singh is still running. Das realises he has a potential star on his hands. Against the well-meaning advice of his wife (Shruti Marathe), he pushes the kid, feeding him protein shakes and making him run long distances until he becomes a local celebrity. But not everyone is not glad. The state’s child welfare commission, fuelled in part by old political rivalries, is critical of his coaching tactics, while Budhia Singh’s parents want their share of their son’s fame and money.

This ban is a result of a long struggle between his coach and the child welfare department of Odisha. Budhia Singh – Born To Run is a documentation of the events leading to this ban.
Bajpayee’s Das is bursting with energy and is ready to take on the world. He knows the art of media manipulation and is subtle in approach.Many still accuse Das of cruelty towards the child, but the director, Soumendra Padhi, wants us to believe in his humanity,faith and undiluted love for Budhia.

The story is structured around him, and his murder is presented as an obvious conspiracy. Padhi doesn’t make a direct statement, but there’s a lot to read between the lines.Shruti Marathe is equally effective as his wife Gita.

Born To Run is true to the original story,fantastic relationship drama in the disguise of a tout thriller.It is distintively an Indian Tragedy.

what makes Bhudia run and run? Watch the movie.

Budhia Singh is now 14, remains a legend in his home state of Odisha.

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