Budget session 2018 : Highlights of the day


New Delhi, Feb 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday replied in both the houses of Parliament to the Motion of Thanks on President’s address. 

Modi thanked President Ram Nath for his address. He said honourable President does not belong to any party. It is about the aspirations of every Indian.

After a reply by Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Lok Sabha passed a motion of Thanks to the President’s Speech.

The Prime Minister’s speech came two days after BJP president Amit Shah made his debut speech in the Rajya Sabha and highlighted several initiatives of the Central government.

The Bharatiya Janata Party had issued a whip to its Lok Sabha MPs to remain present in the Parliament on February 7 and 8.

Ahead of proceedings, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad served a zero hour notice in the Rajya Sabha over deteriorating security situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

While members of TDP and YSR MP’s continued their protests in Parliament premises today also over the demand of special status to Andhra Pradesh and other issues.

On the other hand, Members of TMC protest at Mahatma Gandhi statue against the hike in prices of diesel and petrol and withdrawal of Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill.


Lok Sabha: 

After PM’s address, the house continued its general debate on Budget.

Modi said the NDA Government has changed the work culture in the nation. Projects are not only thought about well but also executed in a timely manner… The NDA government is building more roads than the previous one. We have given a strong boost to the infrastructure sector across the nation.

“Our government had the opportunity to prepare an aviation policy that focuses on smaller cities, towns so that more Indians can fly. A government that talked about 21st century could not bring an aviation policy. Then what kind of a 21st century did they talk about, the one with bullock carts?”

He accused Opposition of dividing India and said his party is still paying for it. Meanwhile, the opposition continued to create the ruckus. Raised slogans of  ‘jhutha bhashan bandh karo’, ‘jhuthe ashwasan bandh karo’.

Speaking about the middle-class, the Prime Minister said “Our govt is giving wings to aspirations of India’s middle class”.

‘I can see the energy and enthusiasm in our youth. They want to do something on their own, they want to launch their own start-ups. Our Government is giving wings to the aspirations of India’s middle class, he asserted.

“Employment is increasing but you (opposition) have closed your eyes as you are busy singing your songs,” he added.

After the Question Hour ended, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced his speech on thanking the President’s address.

Has the government taken any course correction in major schemes? NITI Aayog reviews the schemes periodically and we incorporate the changes, the government says, Shetty said.

Mumbai MP, Gopal Shetty asked what is the logic behind sharing of expenses between states and Central government while implementing big schemes like Swacch Bharat. Responding to this, the minister stated the ratio varies from state to state.

Statistics Minister Sadananda Gowda answered questions pertaining to revised estimates of GDP. Gowda said Goa and Delhi are in top for per capita income. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are in the bottom of the table.

The session began with Question Hour. Members asked questions on BSNL connectivity. Meanwhile,  Andhra Pradesh MPs raised slogans demanding special category status to their State.

Rajya Sabha:

The House adjourned for the day after TDP members refuse to withdraw their protest over fund allocation to Andhra Pradesh in the Budget

TDP leader CM Ramesh marshalled out of Rajya Sabha under rule 255.

On the other hand, TMC MPs staged a walkout from the house soon after PM Modi began his address.

Meanwhile, Congress MP and former defence minister AK Antony said One Rank One Pension was taken by the UPA government and not NDA.

On modernisation of farming, the Prime Minister said, “We understand that there is now smaller holdings of land. For 90 years, bamboo has been categorised as tree, when in the whole world it is categorised as grass. Because it is categorised as tree, no one can cut it causing huge loss to farmers. The world is now moving to eco-friendly methods and making honey-bee farming will be a widely lucrative option for future. It is a value-addition farming technique. We should work together towards this, the Indian Express quoted.

He said Aadhaar was the brainchild of former PM Vajpayee.

After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his address by attacking Congress for comparing the development model of US and UK with that of India.

“They don’t want to hear the opposition or be answerable to any questions. All they talk about is new schemes that will only yield result by 2022. Has the BJP forgotten maths? You are answerable in 2019. Who will report to the people in 2022 only time will tell,” Sharma stated.

In a scathing attack, the Congress leader said that the ruling party doesn’t want to hear opposition.

“I am amazed that PM Modi targetted the Congress party in his one-hour long speech. It is required of the government that it does insult the contributions made by scientists, doctors and other people. Let me remind PM Modi that under Nehru ji’s regime five IITs were established,” Sharma asserted.

Congress leader Anand Sharma hit out at PM Modi for attacking Congress.

He said the BJP failed to keep up to its promises on black money, employment, farmers’ loans.

“BJP has played a cruel joke on the farmers of UP by giving them Rs 1 to Rs 2 loan waiver…You said you will put Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s account, but did not put even Rs 15.

“BJP cheated the traders, farmers, and the youth of this country.

“Under Sangh’s shameless government’s rule, people are dying of hunger,” he added.

Singh also took a jibe at the Prime Minister’s long speeches, saying, “Indian government would stand first if there was an International competition of speeches.”

Singh also used the platform to raise the issue of sealing drive in the national capital and asked the reason behind the Centre’s “animosity” against the AAP-led Delhi government.

“It took huge efforts to get this country’s independence, its Constitution, but democracy today is in danger. Governments that came to power with overwhelming majority — be it West Bengal or Delhi — are not being allowed to function.”

Recalling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s harsh remark for Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal suggesting that he join the Maoist movement in the forests, Singh said the public is the decider and it voted Kejriwal to power with an “overwhelming majority” of 67 seats in the 70-member Delhi Assembly.

In his maiden, AAP leader Sanjay Singh said India’s democracy is in danger.

Speaking on Simultaneous elections, KTS Tulsi said India has a parliamentary democracy and that the proposal for simultaneous elections would not work with its federal structure as it would require modification of the entire constitution which is just not possible.

On the suggestion of Naresh Agrawal Chairman skipped the question hour as the Prime Minister had to reply in the House.

Rajani Patel asked when the 33 per cent reservation for women be implemented?

Sanjay Singh, AAP MP, raised the issue of sealing in Delhi.

Over 400 people have lost their lives in the last few years. Not a single person is not punished, he says. Many members associate with him, he said.

Manish Gupta of Trinamool Congress raised the issue of continuance of manual scavenging despite a law banning it.

Meanwhile, another Congress MP Vivek Tankha said the situation in J&K should be dealt with urgently as the internally displaced refugees such as Kashmiri Pandits also want to return.

An Andhra MP showed placard in Rajya Sabha too. Azad says Congress does not approve the behaviour of the members.

Azad urged the government to remain alert while dealing with such situation, saying such incidents should not be repeated in future.

The former Chief Minister calling the incident as “unfortunate”, demanded a full-fledged discussion over the security situation in the valley.

Terming Hunzullah’s escape “the first such incident in last 20 years, Azad said: “Such instances used to happen in 1990s.”

“There was mistake on part of the state government because such a terrorist was being taken to hospital without proper security arrangements,” Azad said.

“On Tuesday a Pakistani LeT terrorist escaped when he was being taken to the S.M.H.S hospital for a medical check up from Srinagar Central Jail in the morning,” he asserted.

I have been reiterating that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is its worst, he stated.

the escape of Naveed Jat alias Abu Hunzullah from the S.M.H.S hospital on Tuesday, “doesn’t reflect good” on the state or the nation

“Yesterday’s incident is very unfortunate”, he said.

The leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad raised Srinagar attack. He suggested the House should have a discussion during the Budget session.

The House began with Zero hour.


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