Budget Session: Both houses discussing budget, Chidambaram put 12 questions for Government


Budget session in both houses began

Rajya Sabha 

Congress’ P. Chidambaram poses 12 questions to the govt on Budget 2018, says, ‘budget 2018-19 has worsened the fiscal deficit,’ also stated, ‘shall we tell the ppl, NDA govt believes that we must tax the hard-working middle class rather than the rich corporates?

Rajya Sabha reconvened, BJP leaders are hooting as former finance minister is putting his views on the economy of the country and pointing out that the budget states that India is the fastest growing economy which is contradictory to the last four year’s GDP growth. “The farmer relative to other sections of the society has become poorer. For four years, you could not address this challenge, so how are you going to address it in the remaining one year? the leader added.

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm.

Rajya Sabha reconvened but got disrupted by the TDP as they continued their demand for Andhra Pradesh package.

Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu gave obituary reference to the deceased MP Frida Topno, who passed away on 6 February.

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 noon after Congress protest over PM Modi’s comment on Renuka Chowdhury yesterday.

Lok Sabha 

Farmers are disappointed with Budget 2018. Since 1st budget, you said you’ll work for farmers & double their income by 2022 but this budget is a disappointment in the direction. We were with you over demonetisation & GST, why can’t we be with farmers?: K Kavitha, TRS MP in Lok Sabha

If the issue is not resolved in 15 days, we can have a discussion in the second session, Mr. Chowdhury said on their demand for Andhra. The parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar agreed with him “We are with the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he says.

Ministers answered question in the question hour, Telangana MP Jithendhar Reddy questioned about the Road Safety measures of Government. Road and Transportation miniseter Nitin Gadkari answered this. He stated, 86 per cent accidents occur due to non-wearing of the helmet. We are working on eliminating black spots in each constituency. He appeals all MPs to come up with the list of black spots in their constituency and help the ministry out,  Gadkari added.

Lok Sabha adjourned after disruptions by TDP and YSR leaders. “Rs 1800 Cr is what the govt gave specifically to Andhra Pradesh in budget& Baahubali’s collection is more than that.We received less than what a movie collected.If they can treat their allies like this then many people will not want to be their allies in future said,”Jayadev Galla, TDP leader.

LokSabha convened with disruptions by TDP leader over Budget allocation to Andhra Pradesh.

In the question hour amid protest by TDP leaders, Union minister for information and broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore answers questions on fast food advertising on social media.


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