Budget Session: Both houses adjourned till Monday


Both houses reconvened on Friday after a noisy end on Thursday in Parliament following the protest of TDP members.

Speaking over the no-confidence motion by YSR Congress and TDP in Lok Sabha the Congress MP Shashi Tharoor alleged “When a no-confidence motion is moved 50 MPs should stand in its support & 50 MPs stood, but Speaker said it cannot be considered as House is not in order. So, I want to ask what does govt fear? They have a huge majority in Lok Sabha.”

 Lok Sabha adjourned till Monday after ruckus after Speaker Sumitra refused to take up the no-confidence motion filed by the YSR Congress and TDP over Andhra Pradesh special status issue.

House started with an obituary to the great physicist Stephen Hawking who died on Thursday .”Professor Stephen Hawking was an inspiration. We express our deepest condolences to the family,” said Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in the Lok Sabha on Friday, while listing out his achievements.

Sarfaraz Alam (Araria, Bihar), Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel (Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh), Pravin Kumar Nishad (Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh), who won the recent by-polls held in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, took their oath as Lok Sabha MPs on Friday.

Just after the obituary references, Opposition started creating a ruckus in the house over the  TDP and YSR’s no-confidence motion against the NDA leading to the adjournment of the house till 12 pm.

Meanwhile, the CPI(M) came out in support of no-confidence motion in Andhra Pradesh’s demand.

The issue of special status to Andhra Pradesh has been continuously disturbing the Parliament business since it came up in the previous phase of the Budget session. The ruling party’s ignorant behavior has also created a blockade situation in the parliament and bills are being passed without discussions. On Thursday the YSR filed a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha and on the next day on Friday the TDP also quit NDA to file a no-confidence motion against its previous ally.

Congress, MIM, CPI(M) has lend its support to YSR and TDP’S no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha.

 Rajya Sabha 

In the Rajya Sabha, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu adjourned proceedings till 2.30 pm.


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