Budget 2018: National Health Protection Scheme to be implemented from Oct 2

National Health Scheme
National Health Scheme

New Delhi, Feb 2: National health protection scheme announced in the Union Budget 2018-19 will be implemented from October 2.

The government came up with this flagship scheme in a bid to provide Rs 5 lakh cover a year to 10 crore poor and vulnerable families in the country.

While unveiling the Budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said “We are now launching a flagship national health protection scheme to cover 10 crore poor and vulnerable families. This is approximately 50 crore beneficiaries, by providing them up to Rs 5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation”.

Emphasising that the initiative would take healthcare protection to a new aspirational level, Jaitley stated the initiative was part of Ayushman Bharat and adequate funds will be provided for its smooth implementation.

This was motioned at making path-breaking interventions to address health holistically, in primary, secondary and tertiary care systems, covering both prevention and health promotion,” the Finance Minister had asserted.

Under the Ayushman Bharat, the Centre has also decided to allocate  Rs 1,200 crore for 1.5 lakh health wellness centres across the County. The decision to convert the Primary Health Centres into wellness centres was taken in last fiscal budget (2017-18). But the government had failed to allocate the money for it.


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