BSP’s counter attack, inducts 4 INC MLAs along with an ex minister of BJP

After BJP created a hustle and bustle by inducting Swami Prasad Maurya, It was the turn of BSP to show the strength by clinching a group of leaders from all the political parties. The bigger loss share went to INC as it had cost them 3 big Muslim faces in the election battle of 2017.

BSP tried to make a stop over the wave of rebels going here and there for upcoming elections. On Wednesday Mayawati permitted four MLA’s to officially join BSP and senior leader and chief Co-coordinator Naseemuddin Siddiqui announced the same at Lucknow today.

“There are a few more leaders from different parties who are ready to join us and if BSP will start taking them all from other parties, I am sure the rest of the parties will result to empty homes”

“There are few existing MLA’s from different parties who are in touch with us, but as of now we haven’t decided over their fate. Right now we had inducted three MLA’s on INC and one from SP today.” Naseemuddin added.

Among the Congress MLA’s there are Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of Rampur who is MLA from Swaar, Dr Muslim Khan, MLA from Tiloi seat of Amethi, and Dilnawaz Khan MLA from Bulandshahar who had joined BSP today.

Dil Nawaz Khan is considered close to Azam Khan also Nawazish Alam is a senior leader in his area. Similarly Nawab Kazim Ali Khan is son of Begam Noor bano who had been in INC from a long time and he hails from the princely family of Rampur. INC had also got a big jolt by lose of DR Muslim Khan who hails from Amethi.

Dr Rajesh Mishra, Vice president UPCC told us- “They are those who had been suspended already, so it hardly matters for us wherever they go.” “As far as the support of muslim community is concerned, we are still having them in our folds”.

Along with them, there is SP MLA Nawajish Alam Khan from Budhana seat of Muzaffarnagar who had also joined BSP today. BSP had also made damage in the BJP camp and has inducted ex Minister Awdhesh Verma which is being seen as another big loss for BJP.

After the successful Dalit+Bramhin combo, this time it is Dalit+Muslims for BSP-

She means to amplify the above mentioned calculus of social engineering this time and the new associates are Muslims who will add up to the existing Dalit votes. Senior leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui is busy in meeting people particularly in the Muslim pockets. And in the western region, senior leader Munakad Ali is busy sorting out the big Muslim names for the upcoming elections. The love for Muslims this year is so much visible in BSP that they had given tickets to almost 100 Muslim figures out of 403 seats. In 2007, she had given tickets to 61 Muslims and to 85 in 2012.
Unlike the previous years, Mayawati is keeping herself in a low profile but she is silently and stealthily doing the ground work in order to strengthen her position in India’s most populous state.

The deserting Muslim votes –

In UP, the Muslim community constitute a decisive strength of 19-20 percent and most of them had started gravitating towards the BSP after deserting SP and INC. The recent communal incidents of Muzaffarnagr and other areas of the west and the Dadri lynching case have disillusioned the Muslims who had voted for SP in 2012. Now, they do not find them secure enough in this rule and they are eager to switch sides to BSP.

The script of today’s induction process was written way back in June around the Rajya Sabha elections. And the cross voting done by a good number of MLA’s was a pointer towards today’s development. At that time after the cross voting the INC suspended 6 of its MLAs for defying the party whip and 3 among them were Muslims. Similarly SP had also suspended 4 MLAs and one of them was Muslim.

Mayawati’s theory of union and intersection-

She wants to create a formidable combination which comprises of Dalits+Muslims+Bramhins.
The Dalits are 20 percent in UP and most of them are believed to be supporting BSP this year also. Although a great section of them went to BJP in 2014 but as the voting patterns of parliamentary elections and the state elections differ they are likely to return back to BSP this time.

The BSP wants to have an edge over the issues of law and order with the Dalits already in their camp. And the Muslims make a formidable combination with Dalits for BSP who are no longer willing to support SP.

But Mayawati is still eyeing the Brahmins who are between 12-13 percent and even if most of them are being eyed by BJP and INC, Mayawati is smartly doing a pick and choose business. She had send her top associate SC Mishra to Rajya Sabha and had expelled a leader for commenting harsh words against Brahmins over facebook.

These three – Muslims, Dalits and Brahmins when combined have the potential to defeat any other combination engineered either by the SP, BJP or the INC. The same combination had ensured Mayawati’s victory in the 2007 assembly elections. But she lost in 2012 as the Muslims chose SP over her, this time she had been desperately trying to make the calculations apt for a safe victory.

BJP although is trying to give minimum publicity to the BSP by claiming that SP is the main rival. But deep down the line BJP is still not sure that weather the voters will buy these arguments or not. Touting SP as the main rival and being on number two might give a positive leap to them but on ground something else is going on within the voters.

BJP somehow missed to see that at the receiving end of the violence over cow, there was always either a Dalit or a Muslim. This was the hook Mayawati was looking for, and the rest was done by Daya Shankar Singh of BJP who gave Mayawati a chance to gain sympathy among the Dalits who have been the victims of feudal atrocities in past.

PM Modi might had tried hard to regain the trust of Dalits by talking about preparing dossiers on the background of criminals in the garb of gau rakshaks, but he might be aware of the fact that for Mayawati, the entire plot is now set.

Not only she was at her combative best in the parliament by saying “When I saw the incident at Una, I felt as if I was being flogged. This Modi government, in the name of gau raksha, was first inflicting pain on Muslims and now Dalits are being targeted by them.”

She even travelled to Una to put her message loud and handed over a cheque of Rs 2 lakh each to the Dalit victims who were flogged in the incident. There is no doubt that the cow brigade has given her a cause to reach to the Muslims and Dalits together.

Although, this Dalit- Muslim combination had not been tested in UP so far. But in case if it really works, it can be a lethal combination. With about 21-22 per cent Dalits and 18-19 per cent Muslims, together they form a formidable 39-40 per cent vote bank. And in that case after consolidation of Muslims behind Dalits the results can swing over to as many as 250 seats out of total 403 in Uttar Pradesh.


Report by Utpal Pathak from wefornews

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