BSF seized 10,000 kg narcotics since December 2016


New Delhi, Nov 29: The Border Security Force (BSF) said on Wednesday it seized over 10,000 kg of narcotics between December 1, 2016 and October 31 this year.

“The BSF seized 10,247.119 kg of narcotics on the western and eastern borders” during this period, BSF Director General K.K. Sharma said on the occasion of the BSF Raising Day.

Of this, 9,807 kg was seized from the eastern and 439.2 kg from the western border.

“In the same period, the BSF seized 49,44,000 Fake Indian Currency Notes, 606 pieces of ammunition and 50 weapons,” Sharma said. The BSF also seized 1,20,578 cattle.


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